Don’t Let It End That Way

Walking in like a tidal wave cause you
Never needed lesser, than the
Greatest entrance ever
Just to show it off

Talking up to the pretty ones who have
Never been mistreated, and they
Always come to greet us
Now they’ve had enough

I keep on telling these lies
Now I’ve just got to work out why

Into the fire, into the heartbreak
There’s nothing stopping you from starting this
Your’e going to break this for all of us
Don’t let it end that way

Out from the night, into the dark shadows
We keep on driving ourself to happiness
But you might still break this for all of us
Don’t let it end that way

Telling all of your followers that there’s
Never been much better, and I
Know they’d never tell ya
That it’s all been gone

Only half of the whole you sold as an
Even bigger fraction, now the
Time for truth has passed ya
Said it all along

I’ve got too tried of these games
Now nothings left that was the same

And in a year or two
There won’t be much thats left of you

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