I know you’ve, always felt right
Never even tried to hold tight
Not once
In your whole life

And I keep filling full gas tanks
Drawing blanks
Using keen sight
All my actions weaked and so light
Not once strong
Every roll of that dice

They make me want to pass time
And also I’d like to dance non-stop
Falling all around town

In those lonely mornings
We see you, come around
For all that once, she could break silence
There’s noone that I hear
But I’d stand up for you
And I’d make it work
With that dashing piece of luck

Ahhh, before now
I’d not believe what I’d feel
But life keeps working
And we make it fall in
But why isn’t anyone, talking?

And we’ve been gone a long time
Can’t stop, trying to not lie
I’m falling all around town
I won’t stop, for a long time

You make me want to, do what’s right
Like going out and dancing non-stop
For a long time, is that a crime?
Falling all around town

In these evening sunsets
She’ll away come around
And all at once, she’ll change our mood
There’s no-one living here
But the buzzards and the deer
And they hang about
Until they catch a flight

Gone a long while
Ahhh I’d fall in love
Can’t anybody
See that is right?

We’re just making it working
We make it fall in
Why isn’t anybody calling?

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