Aligned out on the summit, knows the right track
Gotta go in when you said right back
I’ve seen the will, and it passed right by
(Say what you want, there’s no one listening)

Free just like a waterfall
I know you can feel
No-one told them you’d like me
The crowd was sullen
I know what it takes to

Reach the faded autumn walls
The rows of young trees
Bitter chills swept on last leaves
Kissed my palm
Forsaken in everything
Both past and drifting

Only the moutains, called my home
I’ve been out on, the lamplight too long
Solitry friends show my heart the weight to carry
Only what’s left in fiction

Seedling among the grown and worn
The future’s so clean
In our fresh imaginations
We build a portrait
Capture perfection in it’s last

Days before we’re out of luck
The streak just had to end
But we’ll construct what we once lost
And keep on planning, ’till there’s nothing left

Nearly all run from the battle’s cry
The axe is heavy and reminds me why
Only the gifted and trusted all among us
They’re too old for the honor

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