Time Under We

You and me just watching the sunrise
Said “that’s long enough for a good time”

Could ya see, we’ve been
Our way of passing time
It’s good to see, we can
Depend on the last that’s fine
Got to get it into my own life

We could be the reason we love life, but
Love long enough and it’s still alright

You and me, we’ve been
Best that a prayer could be
Still in all, we can
Stand up to all we see
Got to get you into my own life

Tears fault embrace
To find out what we had, but
You know that you’ll
Always be all in
You skipped the tidal wave
You know why you’re running scared
I’ve got to let you go
Time under we and still

Seeing all the truth as you will find, can
Storm up yours eyes ’till the clouds can burn

In too deep, we took
Too long to harbor lights
Ever shine, but there’s
Fuzz on the county line

Got to get things into my own life


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