selfmade plans
hide your calling
hide and seek
not wistful for any day
you gotta put your trust in yourself
before all hope is dashed
and the time has passed
won’t start now
you can start running in the eyes of danger signs
they’ll be looking for you

we could make it work and
it’dbe un beleivable
like noone else in the world
had ever done before and
we can try to see those
half unbelievable stars
takes all my strength to believe in them
like you and me

fortunes dressed as unobtainable rewards

when you were younger
oh capable of anything you want to try yourself
running wild
each blessing was in disguise
nothings too late
we’re just a long long way
we could be flying
but you just keep on holding everybody back
that’s the way it’s always been

same way down
is gonna be the same way up
take a look around
your faster than your luck has proven
for all you know
there could be someone hiding in the sahdows
waiting for you to fail, and you know you will

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