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The Walk To Work: Renegade Heart

The Walk To Work blog posted a wonderful review of our track, Renegade Heart. Read it here! [youtube id="A3kE2Zpngr8"]

July 9, 2014
Write Up On ‘The Brown Noise’

We were featured on ∞ The Brown Noise ∞ with our song Renegade Heart, see it here! Starar

June 24, 2014
New Song & Video – Renegade Heart

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Watch ‘Renegade Heart’ NOW on our YouTube channel! We hope you like it! And you can

May 18, 2014
New Song Coming Soon… Renegade Heart

Mixing our new track Renegade Heart! Hopefully get the video made this week as well! Stay tuned for the cover

May 12, 2014
Unbelievable (Remix) Posted!

Unbelievable (Remix) posted on Seattle In High Def!

April 29, 2014
Unbelievable Posted On ‘The Walk To Work’!

Fabulous review of our track Unbelievable on The Walk To Work blog! Read it here: [youtube id="6NtpnxL0_js"]

March 18, 2014
Forest Punk Unbelievable Review!

New review from Forest Punk for Unbelievable!

March 14, 2014
Unbelievable Review – CrackedWax

Fabulous review of Unbelievable at! Check it out here:

February 28, 2014
Unbelievable Review: Here Comes The Flood Blog

Here Comes The Flood reviewed & posted our track!

February 22, 2014
Blog Review of Unbelievable (German Only)

Thanks so much to klienicum schallplatten for the amazing German review of Unbelievable!! [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

February 11, 2014