RELEASED: September 30, 2013
ARTIST: Starar
LABEL: Starar Records
PRODUCER: Jenna & Steven
Stop, Stop, Stop!

Eight-tracks of indie-rock and jazz-pop sensibilities, Starar’s “Stop, Stop, Stop!” EP is a sophisticated assortment of some hard indie-rock, post-rock, post-punk, jazz-rock, jazz-punk-rock-pop and any other combinations you can think of! Steven provides the vocals to every one of the tunes, as well as drumming duties and bass playing (as well as a small amount of guitar work), whilst Jenna provides nearly all of the guitars, backing vocals on one or two of the tracks, and the pair share keyboards and pianos. Compare it to Weezer, Rick Springfield, Joshua Radin and The Sea and Cake, if you will, to get a good idea of the sound the two were going for with this EP; a bit of everything really!